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New Samsung S7 is out now

If you are wanting to get a great deal and your hands on the new Samsung s7. Click here and go and see the new deals now.          

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6 month scheme to help customers on the Standard Rate

Competition and Market Authority have said that people on pre-paid meters are being overcharged and they would like to have a cap on what they are charged. They say that some people could save up to £300 if they switched. A few weeks ago the Energy regulator said that they believe up to 70% of

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What are your thoughts on your Energy Bills and Comparison Websites?

We wrote a blog post about 70% of people who are still on the Standard Domestic Rate. Here is that story . With that in mind we are trying to understand why so many people could save more but either chooses not to or they don’t know. So we have developed a quick 10 question

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My Bill Expert new eMind

We reported that in our blog that the regulator believes that up to 70% of people are still on the Standard Domestic Rate with their gas and electric supply’s. This means that the majority of people are paying too much for their energy’s bills. To read that particular post click this Link Since My Bill

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Scottish Power has decreased its Gas price for it’s standard domestic – rate should we still compare?

Hell YES!! So from the 15th of March Scottish Power will be reducing it’s standard domestic gas price. On average they say it will reduce by 5.4%*. The reason they say they are doing this is because the wholesale price has reduced. This is the price they pay for it. So it makes sense to

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365 penny calendar

January is a great month for people getting their years' goals in order. People losing weight, cutting out the drink for a month and saving for a holiday. One great scheme we have seen is the 365 penny calendar. The idea day one you put a 1p in a jar, day 2 you put 2p

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Free Amazon Gift Card

So since our launch earlier this month we have had a couple of people ask about a Thank You for switching with us. They mentioned that some sites give you a plastic toy robot or a cuddle toy. That's fair enough. For us if we want them, we go to a toy or baby shop.

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E.on announce Price reduction and Best Tariff

E.ON has today announced that it will be reducing its standard gas price by 5.1% - the equivalent of three weeks’ gas use - or £32 off an average annual gas bill. The price reduction will be introduced from the 1st February 2016. As a result of this news, all four of E.ON’s dual fuel

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How is your energy provider on customer services?

Today, Which? has published it’s annual report on how energy/ utility companies are doing on customer service. Many people do compare but it is feared that 70% of people could get a better rate than what they are currently on. With price being a big factor, it is important to some people the customer service

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70% of people could be over paying on their energy bills

  Ofgem Chief Executive, Dermot Nolan, has released a report with some concerns about some energy companies overcharging customers. This is due to a number of reasons but he has advised that people should look to switch to a better deal. One of the reasons for his concerns is the issue that the prices companies

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